Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to blend thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions. It is key to having a successful relationship with yourself and others. 
It is the ability to understand, manage and use emotions effectively. 
Emotional Intelligence is essential to being effective in our lives: to be an effective person, to manage and know ourselves, to tune into people around us. It is about how you manage yourself and your relationships. 
EQ coaching works best when you are ready to make a change and willing to invest in yourself. It is never too late to get better at Emotional Intelligence. 
After an initial assessment (through the Six Seconds method), we will work together to discover ways to help you increase self-awareness, self-management (emotional balance), empathy and purpose, to learn about other people's signs, and increase your emotional influence. 
When you are more aware of your feelings and patterns, you can make better choices 
How well are you able to identify and recognise what emotions you are feeling? What about understanding the patterns that takes you to same result over and over again? Emotional Intelligence is about being smart with your feelings and not living at the mercy of your emotions. 


Father of 2 Teenage Boys 
"When I first met Ana Gloria I was passing through a moment in my life which was marked by strong emotions. She suggested I try one session with her, to show me what Emotional Intelligence was all about and what it could mean for me. 
From the first moment we started digging into the range of emotions out there I was engaged. It showed me how little I knew about emotions and how most of my life I had been navigating with a very basic set of emotions, just by pure instinct. 
Ana Gloria guided me through getting to understand emotions, discovering patterns in my life and helped me to feel more confident about my inner self. A true eye opening journey that, I know now, never stops.’ 
Nick M 
"Ana Gloria gave me the necessary tools and insights, to get to know myself more clearly and she helped me with very practical steps and insights to help improve my future goals’ 
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